Mature Entrepreneurship and the Work 50+

Marcelo de Jesus Alves Sousa, Luciana Rodrigues Ferreira


The objective of this research is to reveal the perceptions of mature professionals about the 50+ work, as well as the potential mature entrepreneur in the scenario of Belém city, in Pará state, Brazil. The growth of unemployment in 2015 forced 50+ professionals to reinvent themselves, looking for a new job, entrepreneurship in the mature phase and other ways to generate income. The type of research is qualitative, exploratory. In the first phase of data collection, online forms were applied with 45 professionals 50+, to describe the mature entrepreneurial potential of the Belém capital. In the second, five mature professionals were selected for a structured interview and later discourse analysis, analyzing the perceptions and feelings of the 50+ professionals during the transition professional process.

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